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Sick Calls
"I was sick and you visited Me."  

    "To visit the sick" is an important corporal work of mercy.  Especially for a priest.  Our Blessed Lord spent a lot of time with the sick.  However your priests are not 'all knowing': and 'all present'.  It is therefore an important apostolate of the laity:

    a) To tell the priest who is bed- or home- or hospital-ridden.
    b) To prepare the sick for the visit of the priest when possible.
    In the weeks preceding or following Christmas and especially Easter, prepare those who cannot make it to the Church, the sick, the infirm, the elderly for their duty to receive Our Lord (especially during Easter time) and notify the priest.

    In case of necessity, do not wait, call the priest, doctor of souls, at the same time as the medical doctor.  If there is a real danger, do not hesitate to ring him at any time, day or night.

    See below what preparation is required for the visit of the priest to someone who is sick.

Keep this card at a prominent place, easy to find.



Preparation for a sick call


1) Prepare the soul. Prepare the soul by a preparation adapted to the person's age, character, habits, receptivity, health.  A great discretion and a true spirit of faith are necessary along with gentle kindness for the sick.  The easiest means suitable to everyone and everywhere is to suggest to the sick a short prayer and to say it with him; better still, to have it said for him in a high voice, near him by the younger children of the family, if there are any.


2) Prepare the room. God is coming into the house. He must be honoured.  To receive Him in an untidy room, neglected or dirty is a lack of attention.  In the hall way, on the bed of the sick, all must be tidy, seemly.

    It is inappropriate to disappear when the priest arrives; he does sometimes witness the inhabitants withdraw as if shy or embarrassed.  The persons present must receive worthily the adorable Guest, carried in silence by His sacred minister.  Men should uncover their heads, while women veil theirs, and accompany Him with a blessed candle, lit, in the already prepared room.  They then associate themselves respectfully with the prayers recited by the priest.  They leave the room only if the sick person wants to make his confession.


3) Prepare a table with all the required objects. Take a table other than the night table, larger, covered with a clean white cloth.  The table should be located in a place as to be easily seen by the sick person.  On it there must be:

    1. A standing crucifix

    2. Between two blessed candles already lit.

    3. A glass or dish with holy water and a palm or little branch used to sprinkle the holy water.

    4. A glass of ordinary water to purify the priest's fingers.

    5. Some flowers may decorate the table.

4) When the Priest arrives at the door greet him in silence, holding in your hands a blessed candle lit and lead him to the room of the sick.

5) If the Sacrament of Extreme Unction is to be administered, there should also be a small plate or bowl with six cotton buds, one or two slices of white bread and a slice of lemon.  The cotton buds are to wipe the unctions on the sick, the bread and the lemon are to purify the priest's fingers.  Afterwards the cotton buds, bread and lemon must be burned.

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