The facts about the attendance at Ecône on 27th and 28th June 2013

25th Anniversary of Episcopal Consecrations on 27th June 2013

One can count 16 per row on the right side of the centre aisle (left of the pictures): the second picture has on the left half of the right side nine visible clerics plus one on the far left, visible next row; the first picture has clearly six on the immediate side of the centre aisle; on that first picture the centre aisle is very clear, and one can also see that the other side of the aisle has roughly as many persons: thus it is fair to count 30 per row.

On the first and second picture one counts easily seven rows of clergy. Noting that one does not see the choir (see below the next day with a view inside the tent), nor the clergy within the ceremony itself, it is fair to evaluate the clergy at around 200 clergymen on the Jubilee, not counting the faithful (nor the sisters on the left side).

Given that there are many more faithful, one can estimate the number of people to about 600 to 1,000, not the mere "200 to 300 people" of a lying report.


Ordinations at Ecône on 28th June 2013

There may have been some back rows of empty chairs on the 27th, but one sees clearly on the photo above that nearly all chairs were occupied on 28th. The crowd is twice as the previous day, thus about 1,500 to 2,000.

Therefore to repeat the report that “there were only 200 to 300 people attending the Society’s own small-scale Silver Jubilee celebration in Ecône, and nigh on half the chairs were empty at Ecône’s annual priestly ordinations” is simply to repeat a lie.

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