Apologia pro Marcel LefebvreContents



I. "Blessed is he that findeth a true friend"

II. Henry La Praz - A Priest

III. A Priest's Mother's diary

IV. Retreat Notes - The Thirty Days of St. Ignatius

V. Letter to A Nun

VI. Application for Entrance into the Fraternity

VII. Spiritual Notes

VIII. Priest and Victim

IX. Father Henry La Praz: Son of St Pius X

X. Father Henry La Praz at The Seminary

XI. Testimony of a Layman

XII. Sermon of Fr. Franz Schmidberger at the funeral

Biographical Information

Society of St. Pius X
12 Tivoli Terrace South
Dun Laoghaire
Co. Dublin, Ireland
In Collaboration with Journal Controverses


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