Religious Communities for Men
Chapter 7:


Our community has chosen the name of “The Society of the Transfiguration”.  At the outset we find here one of our goals “the mystery of Thabor” – venerated in both the Eastern and Western Traditions – expressing our concern to be witnesses and artisans in unity, in perfect fidelity to Rome, yet especially in the Orthodox world.

The Society of the Transfiguration is a family whose members, in common accord, have bound themselves under total dependency on Divine Grace, and total fidelity to Rome, for the realization of a common work, exteriorly and interiorly: that of Christian unity.

The Founder Fr Lecareux surrounded with two of his priests

In this we continue the work undertaken before the Second World War by Archbishop Vladimir Ghika.  Born Orthodox in Rumania, Prince Ghika converted in 1902.  He was ordained priest in 1923, and Pope Pius XI accorded to him the privilege of celebrating in both the Latin and the Oriental rites.  In 1925, he acquired the former Cistercian Abbey of Aube in order to found the Society of St. John, open to all apostolates, and having for its first objective charity and unity in all aspects.  Unfortunately, in 1931, the community overwhelmed by financial difficulties, had to sell Aube, and the members were dispersed.  Archbishop Ghika died in 1954, having been imprisoned by the Communists when he returned in Rumania.

The Society of Transfiguration, consciously and deliberately, does not give itself a pre-established program of apostolate, and this to remain available to all the needs necessitated by the increase of God’s Kingdom.  This accessibility in spirit will in itself be the Rule and Program.

The Society is placed under the patronage of St. John the Evangelist, “the Apostle whom Jesus loved”.  Present at the Transfiguration, St. John now at the head of the Society will help us to undertake the “Ascension of Thabor”.  By his writings on the Heart of Jesus, and on the Holy Eucharist, Sacrifice and Real presence of Our Lord, St. John is especially the Apostle of Christian Unity.

Putting in practice the first of their three mottos: to adore God

Its Goals

They are summed up in one motto: Adorare – Unire – Servire.

1) Adorare – personal sanctification: this is the first goal that should have everyone, in a constant concern about living fully the evangelical concept of charity.

2) Unire – the search for unity: it is not a matter of adding a new spirituality to the treasure of the Church but, on the contrary, to enable each member to draw from the different sources of traditional spiritualities in the Church.  A special attention is brought to the Eastern spirituality sources, in order to know better the question of the separated communities, and so to work for their return to Roman unity.  Towards this, each member makes himself an Oblate of Unity.  He offers his life, his labors, his suffering, to hasten the hour of this unity.

3) Servire – apostolic work: the attitude and spirit of this work is disponibility.  The Society is prepared to undertake all tasks that are entrusted to it, provided they respect its family life, its spirit, and its unity.  In the bosom of the Society exist two kinds of members: A) the permanent members; B) the members living in the spirit of the Society, but in the world, called “Familiers”.

The Society is directed by the Common Father, responsible for its good progress, and guardian of its spirit.  Then come the “Permanent” Brothers and Sisters living in houses called “hermitages”.  The hermitages, maintained integrally for the Brothers (likewise of Sisters), must not exceed twelve members, in order to keep a family spirit in each of them.  Next come the “Familiers”, and a third category of membership – the “Sympathizers” who are Friends of the Society that support the permanent members by their devotion and spirit of unity.

In short the Society of Transfiguration is open to serve the Church all kinds of works, wishing to labor most especially, through love of God and of the neighbor, for the return of the separated brethren to the unity in the Holy Catholic and Roman Church.

This state of life, semi-contemplative, is able to respond to numerous vocations, avid to praise God and to consecrate themselves to the salvation of souls.  Secular and theological studies are given on the premises in order to permit all members to live their consecrations on solid foundations.

Rev. Father Superior
Le Bois
F-36220 Tournon St. Martin

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