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The Congregation of Daughters of Mary came into existence only since December 8, 1988.  It was established by six sisters who separated themselves from their Community of Sisters of the Precious Blood in Schellenberg.  They did not want to follow their former Congregation in their decision of getting associated to the Society of St. Peter, after the consecration of bishops in 1988 in Ecône by Archbishop Lefebvre.

The Community with Bishop Fellay (May 15, 1993)

The young community risked this step trusting in the Divine Providence, and in the protection and patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary. They gave her the sovereign government over their rule, and to show her their filial love, chose the name of ‘Daughters of Mary of the Precious Blood’.  The Community continues to observe the rule of the former Sisters of the Precious Blood, whose founder was Fr. Franz Sales Brunner, who died in holiness on December 29, 1859, in Schellenberg.  His mother was the cofoundress of the Congregation in 1834 in the Castle of Lowenberg in Schleuis (Switzerland).  The Congregation of the Sisters of the Precious Blood was given the mission that was the heart’s desire of Fr. Franz Sales Brunner and of his mother, the adoration of the Precious Blood in the Blessed Sacrament.

Winter welcome

The young Congregation of Sisters continues to be faithful to this mission of their honored founders.  Foremost is their desire to preserve their perpetual adoration of the Precious Blood and their fervent veneration of the Mother of God.  Like the former Congregation, they want to storm heaven for the sanctification of priests and, as a praying army, help them in their spiritual battles.  They want to sacrifice themselves for priestly and religious vocations.  But, united to the Society of St. Pius X, they offer their prayers of adoration for the victory over the internal and external enemies of the Church, for the return of Rome and of the Bishops to the ‘Faith of the Fathers’.  As devotees of St. Francis Xavier, they pray especially for the preaching of the faith and the extension of the Kingdom of God.

The Convent in winter

Divine Providence led the young community to find a new home in Germany in the beautiful Black Forest.  Since September 3, 1990, feast of St, Pius X, the Sisters live in their new convent.  This spacious accommodation allows the Sisters, besides adoring the Precious Blood, to work for the Apostolate.  Retreats of the Society of St. Pius X are held in the convent, and with their prayers, the sisters help the lectures of the priests to obtain that the spiritual seed fall on fruitful ground and bring plentiful fruit.  But since their arrival in their new home, the young community has constant problems with local authorities.  On one hand, the Government does not give them the rights to utility services, and on the other hand, he refuses to give them permission to reside in Germany.  What the Church is suffering in general, the young community of Sisters is experiencing in detail.  But as victory is promised to the Church, the Sisters also hope for the coming victory of Christ the King.  The small community of Sisters has grown during their first year stay in Germany with the addition of two novices and two postulants. The Sisters are delighted with every vocation that will strengthen their prayer and fighting power.  Their special hope, with the graces and blessings of Almighty God, is to reach a sufficient and growing number of Sisters to reach their goal – the perpetual adoration of the Precious Blood of Our Savior Jesus Christ. The Sisters especially thank all the faithful who help them with their prayers.

“May the Most Precious Blood be praised.”

Rev. Mother Superior
Toechter Mariens vom Kostbaren Blut
Anbetungskloster Marienberg,
Haselwies 10
D-79837 Häusern

Tel/Fax: [49] 7672 / 328

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