Religious Communities for Women
Chapter 16:

The Sisters of the
Helpers of Christ the King

The goal of this Congregation is to assist in the giving of the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius in all the areas pertaining to Sisters, besides the invaluable spiritual assistance, such as cooking, cleaning, administration. 

The 391st Retreat!

The classical religious formation, with its six months of postulancy and two years of noviciate, is given at the Retreat house itself.

There are at present (December 1999) 5 professed and one novice.

A strong appeal is made to all single ladies and widows who would like to dedicate themselves at the service of the King of kings in assisting the priests in this apostolate highly recommended by more than 40 popes.

The Caussade Retreat House

Rev. Father Jean Jacques Marziac
Maison St. Joseph
Le Treillou
82300 Caussade

Tel: [33] 5 6393 0088

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