Newsletter of the District of Asia

 July 1997

Wanted for our Pre-seminary

English - books of classical literature, dictionaries, grammars.

History/Geography - books on various countries, their history, geography, special features (anything that will widen the general knowledge of our students) also maps of the whole world, of continents, of countries.

Books on the crisis in the Church in various countries.

Art - any material to appreciate the various styles of Church architecture, of great artists, painters, musicians. Also, as we would like to enhance the musical taste of the students, we welcome audio cassettes and CDís of classical music. Also wanted: musical instruments such as a piano, some recorders.

General knowledge - encyclopedias, dictionaries.

Catholic Doctrine - Bibles, Imitation of Christ, lives of saints, teaching of the popes; diurnals (for the Divine Office), Daily Missals.

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