Newsletter of the District of Asia

 March 1998

Chronicle of the Philippines

December 26 ‑ 27

Butuan City ‑ Father Vernoy "explored" the situation in Northern Mindanao at the request of some active Philipino in Hong Kong. More than a total of 190 attended the ceremonies.

December 28

Butuan City. As a result of having been exposed to true Catholicism, the faithful in Butuan City refuse to attend the "Sunday Community Gathering" in their chapel. Actually, only 3 persons showed up. Anxious, the lay minister informed the Cathedral.

January 10

Butuan City. General assembly meeting. Subject: People have to choose whether to participate in the local services or to return to Tradition, thus, to be deprived of the spiritual guidance of the present church. Result: a majority remained faithful to the truth, to Tradition. Now, on Sundays, they gather together at the time mass is celebrated in Manila, and unite themselves in spirit with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

January 25

A second Barangay Captain came to Our Lady of Victories to consecrate her Barangay to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In the afternoon, her office barely escaped a fire, which burned down a house next door.

January 31

Fr. Couture visited the group in Bohol and Cebu. A great potential among the young people. Very encouraging.

February 1

The third Barangay Captain pronounced the consecration to the Immaculate Heart in spite of having had to stay all night due to a local community crisis.

Fr. Vernoy consecrated the Singapore Chapel to the Immaculate Heart.

February 2

Fr. McMahon consecrated the Iloilo chapel to the Immaculate Heart.

February 4

Fr. Luc Davodeau arrives from Sri Lanka for the priests' annual retreat.

February 8

A fourth Barangay is consecrated to Our Lady

February 9 ‑ 14

Priests' retreat near Iloilo preached by Fr. Marie Dominique O.P.

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