Newsletter of the District of Asia

 March 1998

Nun and TV

In her Primitive Constitutions, St. Teresa of Avila wrote: "The Prioress should see that they have good books (...) for it is in part as necessary for the sustenance of the soul as food is for the body."

Nowadays, incredible attention is paid to our food, whether you buy a box of cookies, a bottle of fruit juice or a can of beans, the label provides you with detailed "nutrition information". Of course, there is nothing wrong in taking reasonable care of our body and in avoiding "junk food". But, how careful are you about the food you provide for your soul? Should we not be more concerned about the health of our immortal soul than about the well‑being of our corruptible body? You most certainly avoid any food that could cause cancer or cholesterol, and none of you would ever swallow a bottle of poison.

Nevertheless, how many times do you expose your soul, or your children's soul, to occasions of sin (something infinitely worse than cancer) by turning on your TV? None of you would leave a bottle of poison on the dining room table, but too many still feel comfortable with a TV set enthroned in the living room. Yet a TV set is more dangerous than any type of poison. Poison kills the body but the TV has the power to kill the soul by providing occasions of sin. For the sake of your immortal soul redeemed by the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, please, throw your TV set in the nearest garbage can!!! (Newsletter, February 1992)


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