Newsletter of the District of Asia

 July-August 1999

of the District of Asia


16-22 Boys Camp in Antipolo for 15 boys under the masterful guidance of Fr. Griego, and with the help of some of the Cristeros and the Archconfraternity of St Stephen.

18 Tue
As Fr. Marie Dominique’s departure from the Philippines was fast approaching, the Dominican Sisters, rescued from Modernism by the good Father, offered him a nice despedida party at their Convent.

19 Wed
Another despedida for Fr. Marie Dominique, this time at the House of Bethany, with all the priests.

20 Thu
First Anniversary of the Legion of Mary’s Manila Praesidium Nuestra Señora de las Victorias. Fr Onoda left for the Japan/Korea missions.

23 Sun
Pentecost Sunday: Medical Mission led by our very own ACT BE – Association of Catholic Traditional BioEthics, an association of traditional doctors, at our local Brgy. Mariana. From this day onward, Fr. Onoda became the chaplain for the Dominican Sisters.

24 Mon
First anniversary of the Declaration of Faith of Bishop Lazo which he read publicly in OLVC Church (see our Newsletter June-July 1998).

25 Tue
The ‘Official’ Despedida party for Fr. Marie-Dominique after the evening Mass. Father thanked everyone profusely, especially Divine Providence who brought him to the Philippines for the last 18 months.

26 Wed
A sad day for the Philippines: Fr. Marie-Dominique left us for France. Fiat Voluntas Tua, Domine! Thank you very very much for everything, mon Père! Toute l’Asie vous remercie pour tous vos bienfaits! Maraming salamat po, Padre! Kamsa hamnida! Arigato gozaimasu! In Seoul, Fr. Onoda successfully finished the negotiation of the project of publishing the first book of Archbishop Lefebvre in Korean. The Publisher, Son-U Media, offered to publish 2500 copies: they will sell 500 copies by themselves and the SSPX will buy from them 2000 copies. The book contains many sermons and conferences of the Archbishop from 1975 up to 1990. There will be a well-organized publicity campaign for this book. It is an important step in our missionary work in this country. Please God, soon we will also publish the Open Letter to Confused Catholics, which is already translated in Korean.

29 Sat.
Fr. Couture left for the USA for a ‘working holiday’.


02-05 The District Superior presented the Asian district of the SSPX to the faithful in Minneapolis as well as to the Noviciate of the SSPX Sisters, in nearby Browerville. It gave him a good opportunity to meet two of the three Filipina Sisters (2 professed and 1 novice) as well as our Korean professed sister.

03 Thurs
First Thursday: Feast of Corpus Christi. Day of recollection and adoration at OLVC. Fr. Soliman gave a conference on Fr. Vallet in the morning. Bishop Lazo was hospitalized in emergency for his (too) often recurring lung problems.

05 Sat
First Saturday: rainy day. Fervent prayers were addressed to Santo Niño and to Saint Joseph for a sunny day for the next day, because of the planned procession for the Solemnity of Corpus Christi.

06 Sun
Solemnity of Corpus Christi: It had been raining for several days. This morning during Laudes, it was also raining and the community could not hear itself singing because of the torrential rain. Fr. Griego prepared a long sermon for the nine o'clock mass. Rain continued during the whole mass. Nevertheless, everything was ready for the procession, in case the sun would show up. The policemen were there to facilitate traffic and the altar repose was ready. At the end of the Mass, lo and behold! the rain stopped and the sun shined! Thus by the grace of God, we were able to hold a very nice procession in honor of Corpus Christi. Santo Niño willed it! Fervent thanksgiving prayers were poured at the feet of the Santo Niño that evening,

05 - 11
Retreat for the beginning of the scholastic year for the pre-seminarians under the direction of Fr. Wailliez.

11 Fri
Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: During the Masses was held a special collection towards the building of Sacred Heart Side Altar. God blessed Fr. Griego's plan and we had a good collection.
As the number of aspiring candidates for the religious life is steadily increasing, a second apartment had to be rented near OLVC. Today was the grand opening of this ‘House of Loreto’ with the ceremony of the enthronement of the Sacred Heart. Later on in the day, another aspiring Oblate sister, Lydia Sangayan, left for Switzerland.

12 Sat
Chapter meeting of the Manila Pro Preceptorate of the Knights of Our Lady.

16 Wed
Fr. Couture came back to Manila from USA.

17 Thurs
Fr. Hughes's 24th anniversary of ordination.

19 Sat
First day of the 1999 – 2000 Sto. Niño Catechism classes. Help for the kids were asked through a bulletin board showing pictures of past SNC Catechism – ‘They still need your help!’

20 Sun No graces without thorns: a small robbery took place in the House of Loreto.

27 Sun
In the afternoon, meeting of the Cristeros by Fr. Griego. They have begun the preparation of their next Doctrinal Symposium as well as for the coming of Fr. Salvador. Nathaniel Contreras did his report on Matrimony and the Catholic Family. Fr. Soliman and Mr. and Mrs. Salvador left for Econe.

29 Tue
Feast of Saints Peter and Paul. Ordination of the second SSPX Filipino priest, Fr. Emerson Salvador, in Ecône, Switzerland. In Japan, Fr. Onoda performed the blessing and launching of a ship, the size of Noah’s Ark! Fr. Couture had to go urgently to Sri Lanka to solve a little crisis.

30 Wed
Fr. Onoda came back from Japan and counted happily 14 ‘Bethanians’: Nine at the House of Bethany and five at the House of Loreto. They are:

Susana B. COMOTA
Shiela Pasinabao IGOT
Agnes Joy Aurelio GHELA
Christina Tan LEE Secundina M. NARISMA
Feliza Angela RUFINO
Agnes SIM


01 Thu
First Thursday and recollection day. We prayed for Fr. Couture's successful mission in Sri Lanka.

02 Fri
First Friday and feast of the Visitation of Our Lady. Feliza Angela Rufino entered the Dominicans Sisters as postulant.

03 Sat
Fr. Wailliez went to Bohol for a funeral and Fr.Onoda went to Iloilo after more than one year of absence in this ‘booming’ mass center.

04 Sun
A monstrance case coming from Zurich was discovered in the sacristy! But its carrier, Fr. Soliman, mysteriously was nowhere to be found !?! After dinner, while Fr. Hughes and Fr. Onoda were walking in the vicinity of OLVC, Msgr. Celso, the local Parish Priest, shouted at them: "Hey, fake priests, go away!" It says a lot for the spirit of openness and dialogue(!).

05 Mon
A new time table for the Bethanians began, based more closely on a real novitiate life. Complines were sung accompanied by fierce thunders, and finished ‘candle-lit’.

06 Tue
A special donation of P150,000 (US$ 4,000) towards the Sacred Heart Altar was received! Deo gratias et Mariae!

07 Wed
Fr. Wailliez taught French song for the Sisters and the pre-seminarians. The church seemed different today, brightened by some sort of an Asian yellow color (?) – The reason: Fr. Griego changed the type of bulbs in the chandeliers.

08 Thu
Fr. Soliman came back from his holidays in Europe and Leyte – thus the mystery of the Swiss monstrance was solved - in the afternoon. Our newly ordained Fr. Salvador arrived at 10 pm from Europe and was fetched by some Cristeros and by their chaplain, Fr. Griego.

09 Fri
Fr. Wailliez went to Iloilo with Sister John Mary Vianney (another SSPX Filipina Sister), who had just arrived from the USA for a short holiday with her family.

10 Sat
After Complines, the Knights of Our Lady.of the Manila Pro Preceptorate held a prayer Vigil with their Chaplain, Fr. Onoda, in preparation for the next day’s ceremony.

11 Sun
At 8:00 am four postulants of the Knights of Our Lady received their habits. At 9 am, Fr. Salvador sung his first Solemn High Mass which was followed by his first blessings. A good 500 people attended the touching ceremony. People, priests and Bishop Lazo went to a nearby restaurant to celebrate with the newly ordained. After Vespers, Sister John Mary Vianney gave a nice hour talk to the Bethanians on the Congregation of the SSPX Sisters, their spirit and life. Fr. Soliman celebrated the first anniversary of his ordination.

12 Mon
Fr. Couture began his class of Philosophy for the Bethanians in the morning. Fr. Wailliez opened a new male Praesidium at West Visayan State University, in Iloilo. Congratulations to Fr. Wailliez! This is our 10th Praesidium, the 3rd of Iloilo.
For the record, here is the list of the 10 praesidia opened in just over a year

Nuestra Sra. de las Victorias (Manila)
Our Lady of Consolation (Iloilo)
Junior Praesidium of Mary, Queen of Apostles (Iloilo)
Sedes Sapientiae (West Visaya State University -Iloilo)
Mary, Queen of Martyrs (Hong Kong)
Our Lady, Guardian of the Faith (Tagbilaran, Bohol)
Our Lady of Victories (Marbel)
Mystical Rose (General Santos)
Virgin Most Powerful (Polomolok)
Madre de Divina Gracia (Davao)

14 Wed
In the afternoon, we had a picture taking of all the "religious", unfortunately Fr. Hughes was absent. This might be the last time that we will be all together. “Long live the Community life!”

15 Thu
Fr. Griego went to Paete, Laguna to canvass for the Sacred Heart Altar.

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