Newsletter of the District of Asia

 March - April 1999


Let us thank God for all things, especially for having rescued Bishop Salvador L. Lazo from modernism. It will soon be one year since he made his courageous Declaration of Faith to Pope John Paul II. This Declaration has been translated since in all the main languages where the Society of St Pius X works in both hemispheres; on the five continents. Divine Providence chose a Bishop with the name "Salvador - Savior", certainly not without reason. This gentle Eleazar (see II Mac. VII) reminded us, of the younger generation, that when it comes to defending the Faith neither weak health nor old age must be an excuse. The providential irony is that Bishop Salvador Lazo has stood up to condemn the pernicious error of universal salvation.

"Holy Father; with all the respect I have for you and for the Holy See of St Peter; I cannot follow your own teaching of the 'universal salvation', it contradicts Sacred Scripture. Holy Father: are all men going to be saved? Jesus Christ wanted all men to be redeemed! In fact, He died for us all. Still, not all men are going to be saved because not all men fulfill all the necessary conditions in order to be numbered among the elects of God in Heaven. (...) 'Know you riot that the unjust shall not possess the Kingdom of God? Do not err, neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterous, nor the effeminate, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards. Nor neither raiders, nor extortions shall possess the Kingdom of God.' (I OCR. 6: 9‑I D)

Modernism hits at the mental faculties. The modernist accepts contradictions, and of course forgets his first communion catechism in which he learned that "a sin is called mortal because it kills the grace of God in the soul". However, now, in official documents -as official as Papal encyclicals- it is being taught that all men are in the state of grace from their conception (thus, men are all 'Immaculate Conceptionsí!), and cannot loose this grace. Not even by mortal sin. Thus, we are all automatically saved. Every man, in every religion. And this incredible teaching is the authentic interpretation of Vatican II. It is not an abusive interpretation by some rebellious theologian. This is found in the first encyclical of Pope John Paul II. Redemptor Hominis, of 1979:

"Christ the Lord indicated this way especially, when, as the Council teaches, 'by his Incarnation, He the Son of God in a certain way united Himself with each man' (Gaudium et Spes 2 2) ". (13, I)

"We are dealing with "each" man, for each one is included in the mystery of the Redemption and with each one Christ has united Himself for ever through this mystery. (...) The object of the (Church's) care is man in his unrepeatable human reality which keeps intact the image and the likeness of God Himself (cf. Gen.1:27). " (13,3) This man is the way for the Church - a way that, in a sense, is the basis of all the other ways the Church must walk - because man - every man without exception whatever has been redeemed by Christ, and because with man - with each man without any exception whatever-Christ is in a way united, even when man is unaware of it: `Christ, who died and was raised up for all provides man " -each man and every man - "with the light and the strength to measure up to his supreme calling ' (Gaudium et Spes 10). " (14,3)

Read Fr. Dormann's books (Angelus Press, 2918 Tracy Ave, Kansas City MO 64109 USA) for a complete analysis of these texts and of the whole encyclical. It is important in order to understand what is happening in front of our eyes, and what we are told is being prepared for this famous Jubilee 2000. As one of our priests said once in a retreat: "If you don't read, soon or late you will be traitors!" Because if we don't read (the right books, of course), we will not be aware of the development of the crisis and of the various parties involved.

Yes, let us thank God for having given us Bishop Salvador L. Lazo. March 22 was the 52nd anniversary of his priestly ordination. He is keeping fairly well, considering his age. But we need him for another 10 years at least, he has not finished his course, yet, nor his battles. Please keep him in your prayers. And all of us, of the District of Asia, as well. We remember our friends and benefactors daily at the altar.

Fr. Daniel Couture
District Superior

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