Newsletter of the District of Asia

 September-October 1999

Chronicle of the District of Asia

July 16 – 27

Our two young Filipino priests went on a missionary round of the Southern Mass Centers. Starting with the usual Cebu and Bohol, they then proceeded to Iligan, in North Mindanao (for a first visit ever of SSPX priests), then to Butuan (for the bi-annual visit), then on to Davao, Marbel and General Santos.

July 22

Little fiesta in honor of Fr. Griego’s birthday.  The ‘Boy’s from Above’ (pre-seminarians) outdid themselves in their little comedy.

July 25

The District Superior gave another public conference, enhanced with slides, in Singapore’s largest Convention Center, on the very interesting topic of the excavations underneath the Basilica of St Peter in Rome and the discovery of the actual tomb and real bones of the Prince of the Apostle.  A most appropriate subject to talk about when the Primacy of Peter and his Successors is in the process of being ‘auctioned’.

July 26

Fr. Wailliez left for … Bangkok, ‘prospecting’ for souls!

July 27

Michaela Macapili left for the Novitiate of the Oblates in Switzerland.  We are told at the same time that our future Oblates must know French… This will somewhat delay our aspiring Oblates – or perhaps urge then to learn more attentively their French?

July 29

Fr. Wailliez left Bangkok for his beloved Belgium for a well-deserved … working-holiday…

July 31

Books, books, books…  The pre-seminarians were kept busy unpacking newly arrived 28 boxes of books from Ireland, and then, after removing some for Manila, re-packing them for the pre-seminary.

August 1

The District Superior made the following announcements at all Sunday Masses: “Next August 15 is the date scheduled for the opening of the new priory in Singapore, which will be the new headquarters of the District of Asia; next September 15, St Bernard pre-seminary will open its doors in Santa Barbara, near Iloilo. By the same token, the church of Our Lady of Victories will become a simple priory, in charge of the apostolate in Luzon and Mindanao.”

In the evening Father Couture gave his slide presentation on the Bones of St Peter which was attentively followed by all those present.

August 1-4

Fr. Onoda preached a little retreat to our Dominican Sisters and to  the Bethanians, in preparation for the feast of St Dominic.  The theme of the retreat: The Rosary and Sanctity.

August 2

Newly ordained Fr. Salvador was taken ‘for some days of vacation’ to the island of Masbate.  He already needed that rest in view of the upcoming priestly ministry…

August 4

Feast of St Dominic: priests, pre-seminarians, Bethanians were all the happy guests of the radiating Dominican Sisters.

August 5

Our Lady of the Snow… (some were really praying for snow…)  Day of recollection, all-day adoration.  Fr. Onoda gave the priests a summary of his retreat on the Holy Rosary while Fr. Soliman reminded them of the Church regulation on the recitation of the Divine Office.

August 6

Unbelievable but true: we were informed from Australia that the 3 visas for our pre-seminarians (applied for last January...) have been granted.

August 12

Despedida party for the District Superior who was moving his residence.

August 13

Fr. Couture left for Singapore to meet Fr. Loschi for the opening of the new St. Pius X Priory.

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