Newsletter of the District of Asia

 September-October 1999

Holy Year Jubilee 2000

Pilgrimage of Tradition

in Honor of Christ the King

August 4 – 20, 2000 / Rome, Italy/Ecône, Switzerland


is Excellency, Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of Saint Pius X, will be leading a pilgrimage to Rome on the occasion of the Jubilee year to profess our unchanging Roman Catholic Faith in Eternal Rome and to gain the Plenary Indulgences of the Holy Year.

Father Couture, District Superior of Asia, will lead the Asian Pilgrims on this memorable journey along with at least two other priests based in Asia.

What is a Plenary Indulgence
during a Jubilee or Holy Year?

n indulgence is the extra-sacramental remission of the temporal punishment due in God’s justice to sins that have been forgiven. This remission is granted by the Church in the exercise of the power of the keys through the application of the superabundant merits of Christ and of the Saints, for some just and reasonable motive.

“I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of Heaven and whatsoever thou shalt bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven; and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth, it shall be loosed also in Heaven.” [Matthew XVIII 19-19]

By a Plenary Indulgence is meant the remission of the entire temporal punishment due to sin, so that no further expiation is required in Purgatory.

Dispositions necessary to gain
an Indulgence:

he recipient must be free from guilt of mortal sin. Furthermore, to gain Plenary Indulgence, confession, Holy Communion and a prayer for the Pope are required, and to have the intention of gaining the indulgence, and to have no attachment to any mortal or venial sin.

May God give you the grace to prepare yourself to gain the Holy Year Plenary Indulgence.

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Pilgrimage Cost: w/ plane ticket – US$ 2050;
w/o plane ticket – US$ 950

For more information, Write us or
See the Jubilee 2000 brochure! ! !

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