Newsletter of the District of Asia

 Jan-Jun 2001

Fr Cacho’s Ordination and First Mass

Another Asian Priest for the SSPX,
the 3rd Filipino: Rev. Fr. Aurelito Cacho,
from Loon, Bohol, Philippines

The following photos recall the impressive ceremony of ordination of Fr. Cacho, last Dec. 17, 2000, along with two other deacons of the SSPX.  Fr. Cacho reached the Sacred Priesthood after a long and laborious journey:  Starting in the SSPX seminary in Australia where he studied for 3 years, he then moved on to Ecône, in Switzerland, for another 2 years.  Feeling a call to the monastic life, he interrupted his studies to try the Benedictine life, in the traditional monastery of Santa Cruz, Nova Friburgo, Brazil.  However, always desirous to do the will of God, he realized, after two years, that the monastery was not for him and thus, returned to the SSPX to complete his last year of theology in the SSPX Argentinean seminary of La Reja, near Buenos Aires.  He is now assigned in the Brothers’ Noviciate, in Iloilo, Philippines.

The Argentinian Seminary of the SSPX, in La Reja, near Buenos Aires

The Seminary church in construction

Inside the new church, used for the first time on this occasion

The new cloister

The start of the ceremony of ordination of 4 deacons and 3 priests,
Dec. 17, 2000

The Sermon

The Sermon

The monition to the future deacons


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