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 Apr - Sep 2002

10th Anniversary Photo Album



Our Lady of Victories statue carved by local artist

27. "Our Lady of Victories". The title is a very ancient one, related to Our Lady of the Rosary
for the victory of Lepanto and also to the devotion to the Immaculate Heart,
as promoted by Fr. Desgenettes, in Paris in the 19th century.
The statue for the main altar was carved in one big block of wood
by a local artist from a small image he was given.


Our Lady of Victories under construction

28. The Church as it stood in January 1995, with part of the main retablo already in position.


Joven Soliman and Aurelito Cacho

29. The SSPX Holy Cross Seminary in Australia
only gives the first three years of the six year program of priestly studies.
The remaining years are usually done in Ecône, Switzerland.
The first two Filipinos to successfully finish the first part of their formation
were Joven Soliman and Aurelito Cacho. They are seen here in transit through Our Lady of Victories,
on their way to Ecône. (January)


Carlo Magno Saa leaving the priory for the airport

30. As these two left for Europe, another went to take their place in Australia.
Carlo Magno Saa is seen here leaving the priory for the airport. (March)


women's retreat in Oton, Iloilo

31. The summer in the Philippines is during April and May.
These are months for retreats and summer camps.
As the country consists of several thousand islands (7,107), often beautiful resorts are found for these activities, such as this one in Oton, Iloilo, for a women's retreat.


Ignatian retreat under the coconut trees

32. As it had already been seen, the "Submarine Gardens" of Lobo, Batangas (South of Manila),
have been a favorite place for camps and retreats. These men, for instance,
were very pleased to follow their Ignatian retreat under the coconut trees.

Fr. Rostand bids farewell to Manila

33. Quite soon after the opening of the Manila priory, its priests assumed the monthly Sri Lankan apostolate. Colombo is almost 7 hours by plane away from Manila.
In August 1995, a new priory was opened there and Father Rostand had to leave his dear Filipinos
in order to take over the new priory. He is seen here bidding farewell to the faithful in Iloilo.

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