Newsletter of the District of Asia

 Jan - Mar 2002

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Filipina Vocations


First year Filipino seminarian Fidel Ferrer, on the day of the reception of the cassock,
in the Seminary of Nuestra Señora Corredentora, in La Reja, Argentina, August 15, 2001.
(On the left, above, and on the right, below.)



Sr. Marie des Victoires (left), on the day of her taking of the habit, August 4, 2001. She is the first Filipina vocation for the teaching Dominican Sisters of Brignoles, France. . On the right, Sr. Maria Regina, an Oblate of the SSPX.


Filipina Sr. Maria Agnes (left), on the day of her reception of the Oblates' habit, December 24, 2001, in Salvan, Switzerland. Her Novice Mistress, Sr. Marie de la Passion, is on the right



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