Newsletter of the District of Asia

 Jan - June 2003

What are you doing for the salvation of souls?

Did you know what some children have been doing?

The following genuine 'bundle of hidden sacrifices' have been done by children of the Eucharistic crusade. They have well understood the meaning of uniting ourselves to the Passion of Christ. Have you? May these lines inspire a greater generosity among our readers... They are given here in their childish freshness.


While lining up, I said my rosary instead of talking...

I drank my cod olive all winter without saying anything.

I did not watch the bad movie posters.

I wanted to talk but I looked at the crucifix.

I had a pebble in my shoe, I kept it all day.

I wanted to lie to the teacher but I didn't do it.

I wanted to get angry but I held myself.

It was cold and I offered it to God.

I helped a poor and gave him 20 cents.

I did not want to let my friends play with my ball, but I let them play with it.

Someone was annoying me and I offered it up for Jesus.

I was very thirsty, I wanted to drink water, but I made this sacrifice.

I kept a little bun that I wanted to eat to give it to my brother.

I was patient with a friend I wanted to pinch.

There was an old lady who could not carry her bucket, I helped her.

I  wanted to say my prayer in bed because it was cold, but I knelt down to say it.

I  wanted to show my tongue to a friend that was annoying me, but I didn't.

I  received Holy Communion three days in a row so that my parents could do their Easter duties.

I washed the sink a whole week when I didn't want to do it.


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