Newsletter of the District of Asia

 Jan - June 2006

Photo Album

April 22- 27: women’s retreat in Mindanao, Philippines, with Pr. Dolotina (left) and Pr. Cacho (right).

Fr. Albert Ghela

Fr. Albert Ghela, newly ordained priest, assigned in the Brothers' Noviciate

The Bethanians (aspiring vocations) during the Bohol Pilgrimage, May 12, 2006

Michael Sestak, seminarian, who spent one year in the Philippines, ‘tasting missionary life’.
Here, at the end of the pilgrimage, at the famous Chocolate Hills, in Bohol.

August 2005: The Asian Pilgrims visiting the chapel of Tuy, in Spain,
where Our Lady of Fatima asked for the First Saturday Devotion

Chapel of Tuy

Our Veterans in Singapore Mr. & Mrs Thomas Sumantri

Our Veterans in Sri Lanka Mr & Mrs (R.I.P.) Shelton Wyeyasmghe


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