Newsletter of the District of Asia

 May - September 2007

Photo Album


A very elaborate Japanese dinner
(see A Pilgrim’s Diary)

The ceremony called Ebumi—
the trampling of Sacred Images to identify the Hidden Christians

The tomb of Dr. Takashi Nagai and his wife Midori (see A Pilgrim’s Diary)

Midori's rosary found near the charred remains of her body

Dr. Nagai's first catechism and a photo of Midori

‘Nyokodo’ - Love one another as yourself -,
Dr. Nagai's little house where he lived for 5 years after the bomb

The mysterious silver plate hiding Calvary
What can be seen from the plate when a beam of light is projected on it

An altar of modern day
Hidden Christians
mixing Catholicism and
pagan beliefs
(see A Pilgrim’s Diary)


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