Newsletter of the District of Asia

 October 2007 - March 2008

Chronicle of the District of Asia
August – December 2007


1 Christchurch, New Zealand

For the previous couple of weeks, the Traditional Redemptorists have been busy with the opening of their new foundation in this city. It will be a great blessing for NZ and the District of Asia to have these valiant sons of St Alphonsus among us. The community began with one priest and one brother. They will take care of the mass centers in Christchurch and Dunedin, in the South Island.

12 - 18 General Santos, Philippines

Rosa Mystica Medical Mission, organized by ACIM ASIA. Yolly Gamutan, R.N. a young and dynamic Filipina nurse did a wonderful job in orchestrating such an historical event for the SSPX. 11 medical personnel coming from USA, France and South Korea joined the more than 15 local professionals and more than 50 medical students for a week long mission reaching 2000 patients!. On Saturday 18th, there was a general forum in the local gymnasium for an estimated crowd of 1000 medical personnel and students. The purpose of the Forum was to prepare Filipino medical students to the reality awaiting them outside their own country. The Mayor of General Santos, through his representative made a very edifying intervention, urging the youths ‘not to play God!” Fr. Dolotina and Fr. Couture were present to provide the spiritual side,

Dr. Jean Pierre Dickes, the President of ACIM France was part of the French Delegation, as well that of ACIM’s treasurer, Mrs. Claudie Debavalere, a pharmacist, and of a young French medical student, Xavier Losco.

26 Manila, Philippines

Conference on the Holy Shroud of Turin by Fr. Couture, with the full sized replica.

28 Palayamkottai, India

Fr. Robert Brucciani, left his beloved England to take the responsibility of the Indian missions, succeeding Fr. Patrick Summers who went to take charge of the Society’s in England School.

Frs. Summers, Pancras and Chazal

Frs. Summers, Pancras and Chazal - left to right


2  - 7 Wanganui, New Zealand

St Dominic Boys’ Ski Camp: Fr Cranshaw organised the first ever boys ski camp for St Dominic’s Boys School. A group of 10 boys spent two month raising $2000 to subsidise the expenses. After asking the Dominicans in NZ and the Carmelites in the States for good weather, they headed off for 5 days of intensive skiing in the breath taking mountains of NZ. They were blessed with beautiful weather for 4 of the 5 days, very good snow, no injuries and great skiing. God bless the Dominicans and Carmelites for their prayers.

3  - 8 Manila, Philippines

Ignatian retreat near Manila for the priests from Singapore and the Philippines, including one Novus Ordo priest.

12 Iloilo, Philippines

We launched the campaign for the traditional Latin Mass, through the promotion of a DVD on the Holy Mass. A first batch of 4047 (of a total of 9000) attractive leaflets were sent to Filipino priests offering them that DVD.

15 Iloilo, Philippines

Fr. Roy Dolotina landed in the new Iloilo airport (which is located in Santa Barbara, to the great convenience of our priests) to take his new assignment, actually only his second so far, at the noviciate.

17 Cebu, Philippines

Frs. Couture and Ghela made some interesting contacts with some influential people in the city.

22 - 27 Iloilo, Philippines

Yearly retreat at St. Bernard Novitiate for the Brothers, by the District Superior.

24 Palayamkottai, India

Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer arrived to take his new post. His role will be mainly to assist Fr. Chazal to develop the apostolate in Northern India, as well as to launch the campaign on the Traditional Mass.

28 Wanganui, New Zealand

Fr. Frank Kurtz, after a long delay for his visa, finally arrived in our priory to take his new assignment, to the great joy of the other three priests.

September 28

The four priests of the New Zealand Missions from left to right
Fr. Robert Jackson, Fr. Frank Kurtz, Fr. Francois Laisney
Fr. Andrew Cranshaw: with the new wing of the girl's school
and the new adjacent convent ( far right ) in the background.

30 Cebu, Philippines

Fr. Couture was interviewed for one hour on a provincial radio program hosted by Attorney Bacalso.


6 Singapore

Conference by the District Superior in Kuala Lumpur on “The Holy Catholic Mass - What We Have Lost,” organized bythe Knights of Our Lady.


Fr. Pfeiffer went up North to meet Fr. Chazal and to visit some new venues: Delhi, and Varanasi in the North East, where they landed on the very day of the ceremony of welcoming the new bishop. This gave them a providential occasion to meet the new bishop and a number of priests and sisters.

22 Wanganui, New Zealand

Pilgrimage: Fr Cranshaw organised a pilgrimage to the remains of the founder of the Sisters of Compassion (the only religious order of NZ origin founded in 1899), Mother Mary Aubert. The intention of the pilgrimage was the conversion of Wanganui. 60 people attended Mass, then followed by lunch at our chapel in Tawa, Wellington. Then all proceeded to the Home of Compassion in Island Bay for a very interesting conference on the life of Mother Mary Aubert given by a guest speaker. After the conference all knelt at the grave of this very holy religious, whose cause for beatification is underway, to pray for the conversion of Wanganui. All then returned to Wanganui, stopping at the public shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in Paraparaumu for a final Rosary to end the pilgrimage.

22 - 26 Baguio, Philippines

Leadership training session for the Apostles of Mary by Fr. Dolotina in the former buildings of the Major Seminary.

24 Singapore

Tender announced for a church property of 3,000m2 at Compassvale Link. Tender closing date is December 4. Previous lands for churches in Singapore were sold at exorbitant prices of about USD$1M per 1000m2! And that is just the land. Fr. Kimball is promising much to St Philomena if this dream comes true.


Fr. Brucciani went to inspect the regular Northern circuit- a 10 day trip.

Manila, Philippines

10th Anniversary of the opening of ‘Bethany House’ which has provided twenty vocations to various traditional convents.

28  Wanganui, New Zealand

Procession of Christ the King: St Anthony’s Parish celebrated the feast of Christ the King with a Solemn High Mass and a 3 km procession through the public streets of Wanganui. The St Dominic’s School Girls choir sang beautifully at the Mass for which they had been preparing for weeks in advance. The first communicants, wonderfully prepared by the Dominican sisters, received Our Lord for the first time during the Mass. Then all entered the streets of Wanganui in a solemn procession of the Blessed Sacrament. The Youth Group (Catholics In Action) saw to the safety of the faithful and the decoration of the two altars of repose, which were beautifully prepared. The procession was very well attended with approximately 250 faithful accompanying the Blessed Sacrament throughout the entire procession. Both Catholic and non Catholics alike commented on how beautiful the event was.

Manila, Philippines

Procession in honour of Christ the King in the neighbourhood.

Seoul, Korea

Fr. Onoda also organised his traditional procession in the streets around our little chapel.

29  Palayamkottai, India

Arrival of Sr. Maria, of the Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart, from Italy, to the Orphanage. The construction of the new orphanage is about to commence.

The Indian Orphans in our little Veritas Academy

30  India

We discover that there are approximatively 26,000 priests in India… A lot of work ahead for our priests in the campaign for the traditional Mass with the sending of the leaflets, making of the DVDs, liturgical seminars…

31  Philippines

After 50 days in our campaign for the TLM, more than 250 priests have requested the SSPX DVD.

New Zealand

In the same length of time, 24 priests out of a national total of 500, have contacted our priests to get some material on the Traditional Mass, and one asked for the Presentation on the Holy Shroud in his parish.

Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar

The clergy of these countries has also been contacted in the recent weeks as a follow-up to the Pope’s Motu Proprio. The response: four bishops, and three priests have written to us.


1 Singapore

Fr. Salvador finally returned to his home-base from his 3 months in India, his retreat and vacation in the Philippines before taking off again for Jakarta, in Indonesia.

November 1
All Saints party in Singapore

All Saints Party at the Orphanage

16 - 26 Malaysia, Philippines,South Korea

Episcopal journey of Bishop Alfonso de Galaretta with Fr. Couture to Kuala Lumpur (16-18), Kota Kinabalu (18-21), Manila (21-23) and Seoul (23-26).


5 Wanganui, New Zealand

Fr. Couture left Singapore to attend the graduation ceremonies in our school in Wanganui and to preach a retreat to the Dominican Sisters.

8 Wanganui, New Zealand

A beautiful pilgrim statue of Our Lady of Fatima began its grand tour of all the chapels of the District of Asia. Each chapel will consecrate itself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The tour will last at least 10 months.

New Children of Mary on December 8 in Wanganui

23 New Caledonia

The District Superior then proceeded a few hours north by plane to this oversea French territory to bring the Christmas ceremonies to these faithful who until now have had the holy Mass only every two months. In 2008, thanks to the presence of a 4th priest in New Zealand, the missionary visits will become monthly. During this trip the Pilgrim Statue was brought to New Caledonia to consecrate the chapels and most of the families to the Immaculate Heart, and then it was returned to New Zealand to visit the Southern Island before being taken back to the Philippines in February.

December 8

The community of Sisters with Frs. Couture and Laisney
in front of the newly
complete girls school and convent
(This photo appeared in the local newspaper)

30 Singapore

Two day stopover from the Superior General coming from Australia.

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