Newsletter of the District of Asia

 Apr - Sep 2002

10th Anniversary Photo Album



the founding fathers of the new mission in the Philippines

1. August, 18, 1992.
Fathers Paul Morgan (far left) and Stephen Abraham (3rd from left), both Englishmen,
arrived in Manila as the Founding Fathers of this new mission.
Standing at the far right can be recognized a very young Emerson Salvador
who will be the second Filipino priest of the SSPX, ordained in 1999, now assigned in Singapore.


The first priory in Manila, in Kabignayan, Banawe

2. The first priory in Manila, in Kabignayan, Banawe.
It was a rented house, giving the priests time to know their territory better and to scout for a good property.


Fr. Abraham eating balut

3. Fr. Abraham, will remain famous among the faithful for daring to eat "Balut"
a Filipino delicacy consisting of a young duck foetus.


Fr. Abraham making cross

4. Father Morgan, understanding well his new role,
revealed his carpentry's skills and made his first processional cross.



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