Newsletter of the District of Asia

 Apr - Sep 2002

10th Anniversary Photo Album



Bishop Fortitch visits Our Lady of Victories

52. March 1997 saw another Filipino bishop visiting our church
on the occasion of Fr. Piñon's 51st priestly anniversary,
Bishop Fortitch, from Negros, a former classmate of Fr. Piñon.
On the photo, Fr. Piñon is seen in a wheel chair, Bishop Fortitch, is immediately to his right next to Bishop Lazo.


Fr. Couture addressing trainee officers

53. Thanks to a zealous faithful, Lt. Col. Etis, Fr. Couture was privileged to address a group
of 250 trainee officers at a military base not far from Manila.
More apostolate was scheduled with them but the local Conciliar authorities interfered and blocked the plan.


Frs. Morgan and Rajadurai

54. August 11:
Father Morgan, visibly homesick for the Philippines, seen here on a visit at Attorney Dominguez's home.
Standing on the left is Father Joseph Rajadurai, SSPX Indian priest,
who was stationed in Manila for a short while.


the first four Bethanians

55. Divine Providence was putting us to a special work with the arrival of two ex Sisters
who had left their convent in the previous months to protect their faith and who then came to us.
This obliged us to do something for our feminine vocations: it led to the opening of the House of Bethany,
a kind of general pre-postulate. Posing with Frs. Onoda (1st Chaplain) and newly arrived Fr. Marc Vernoy, are the first four Bethanians. (October)

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